What is the Upper Clark Fork Working Group?

The Upper Clark Fork Working Group (UCFWG) represents a coalition of experts from the CREWS project, representatives of key federal & state agencies, and personnel from NGOs and private industry, with a joint commitment to fostering collaboration and generating fundamental knowledge needed for informed decision-making. Sustainable pathways for the UCFR will rely on the judicious and coordinated use of available resources through awareness and cross-fertilization promoted by the UCFWG’s activities. The UCFWG advances solutions for current and future research and monitoring challenges consistent with the State of Montana’s extant restoration plans.

Map of the UCFR, reaches identified
Map of the Upper Clark Fork River

UCFWG Activities

Currently the UCFWG promotes the following collaborations and activities to fulfill its mission of facilitating, producing, analyze and sharing science-based knowledge among key participants involved in the remediation, restoration, research, and monitoring of the Upper Clark Fork River and its tributaries. Some of those activities include:

  • Monthly Topic Discussion Meetings: The UCFWG meets the second Thursday of every month from 12pm – 1pm MST to discuss ongoing and new projects on the Upper Clark Fork River.
  • Workshops: The UCFWG hosts multiple workshops throughout the year which allow participants to interact in greater detail with a chosen topic. Workshops generally consist of smaller groups of participants with strong research interests related to that chosen topic and often involve more personal networking.
  • Involvement in Annual Professional Meetings regarding the Clark Fork Basin and River
  • Distribution of a Tri-annual Newsletter: see content below
  • Regular posting to an Informative YouTube Channel
  • Promoted Research Collaboration and Fieldwork

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Spring 2021

Summer 2021

UCFWG Executive Committee

Name Email Affiliation Position
Martin, Doug
Restoration Program Chief
Valett, Maury
Professor of Systems Ecology, CREWS Science Lead

UCFWG Charter Members

Name Email Affiliation Position
Apfelbeck, Randy
Water Quality Monitoring Specialist
Bartkowiak, Brian
Environmental Science Specialist
Cook, Nathan
Fisheries Biologist 2
Cross, Wyatt
Assoc. Professor of Ecology, Director of Water Center
DeArment, John
Science Director
Downing, Beau
Environmental Science Specialist
Kron, Darrin
Monitoring and Assessment; Section Supervisor
Martin, Doug
Restoration Program Chief
Parker, Tom
Principle Ecologist
Sowles, Marisa
Water Resource Specialist
Valett, Maury
Professor of Systems Ecology, CREWS Science Lead