Improve knowledge of UCFR hydrology.

Related NRDP Restoration Plan Limiting Factors:

  • Low base stream flow (dewatering due to irrigation)
  • Regulated flows at Warm Springs Pond
  • Lack of floodplain connectivity

Objective 1

Characterize hydrologic changes longitudinally (upstream to downstream) over the UCFR with focus on Reach A.

Working Hypotheses

Lag in hydrograph from Warm Springs Ponds and dewatering from diversions suppresses natural fluvial processes, with cascading effects on water quality, habitat, riparian ecology and aquatic biology in the Upper CFR.

Objective 2

Characterize critical hydrologic linkages both laterally (via floodplain interaction) and vertically through exchange with the floodplain and alluvial aquifer

Working Hypotheses

Lack of frequent out of bank flooding limits nutrient exchange between the floodplain and channel, limiting diverse nutrient and organic sources to the river and limiting nutrient filtering and water quality processes within off channel wetlands. This reduced hydrologic connection also limits potential for natural regeneration of riparian forests and shrublands.

UCFWG Members working on Hydrology