Information Management and Communication

Improve information management and sharing among the UCFWG and other entities doing research, restoration and remediation in the UCFR basin.

Objective 1

Enable procurement, storage and sharing of prioritized electronic information among UCFWG participants and relevant partners through a web-based platform that will be maintained through interaction with the Montana Institute on Ecosystems and MT CREWS programs.

Working Hypotheses

A lack of a system that allows for easy data exchange among UCF stakeholders limits efficient and effective delivery of research results, fails to fully support decision making and results in duplicated effort.

  • Use the web-based platform to share contact and distribution lists, along with information on UCFWG including the Strategic Plan.
  • Enable the web-based platform to act as a depository for documents, pictures, and transient data sets to alleviate limitations to information exchange among collaborators.
  • Include within the web-based platform capacity for metadata storage and links to relevant data sets as defined by individual projects.
  • NRDP: supporting development of an information sharing system including spatial data.
  • UM: Coordination with Montana Institute on Ecosystems to develop a web-based facility for communication

UCFWG Members working on Communications