UCFWG Monthly Meeting: Topic UCFR Hydrology

Hydrologic complexities associated with multiple uses, remediation, and restoration

This week’s meeting of the Upper Clark Fork Working Group highlights the hydrologic complexities associated with multiple uses, remediation, and restoration.  Our meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, Jan 14th, from noon to 1pm.

Brian Bartkowiak from the Montana Natural Resources Damage Program (NRDP) has assembled a group of experts that will direct our efforts.  Looking forward to seeing you all there and then.

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Alex Leone:  Clark Fork Coalition – Restoration Policy Manager

Alex is a stream restoration scientist and policy analyst based out of Anaconda, Montana, and joined CFC in 2016. He works with public resource managers, landowners, universities and the general public to design and implement restoration projects and studies that improve rivers and streams in western Montana. He spent several years working for the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter and researcher and has traveled extensively throughout the American West.

Brian Bartkowiak: Montana NRDP – Environmental Science Specialist

Brian has been involved in the remediation and restoration of the Upper Clark Fork River Basin since 1997.  Brian worked for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for 10 years, leading the remediation/restoration cleanup on the Upper Clark Fork among other projects. Brian has been with the NRDP since spring of 2018 and is responsible for the aquatic flow projects as well as restoration work on numerous watershed in the Upper Basin.

Stephen Begley, Montana FWP – Water Conservation Specialist

Stephen Begley, is a Water Conservation/Instream Flow Specialist with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Since 2012, his work has been focused on administering a number of Department owned instream flow water rights that are managed on behalf of the Public Trust. Stephen is a member of the technical committee that is focused on the implementation and administration of a set of instream flow water rights including in the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers.

Ethan Mace: Montana DNRC – Surface Water Hydrologist

Ethan serves as the DNRC technical lead to the CSKT-MT Water Right Compact and as the State representative to the Compact Implementation Technical Team (CITT).  He is also the lead for the US Forest Service Compact and work on wetland and instream water rights.


Jan 14 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


H. Maurice Valett